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Do I need a GST Registration?

As a product seller, if your annual turnover is more than 40 lacs, or as a service provider, if your annual turnover is 20 lacs, you would require a GST registration and a GSTN number.

Different types of GST registration

There are four types of registration depending on the type of business and the supply location. They are the Normal Scheme, Non-resident Taxable Person, Casual Taxable Person & Composition Scheme.

How Does GST Registration work?

We will collect the required documents for your GST registration. Then we will give you a certain GSTN number. We will file your returns and complete all compliances as required.

What documents will be required?

To register your GST, you need to submit your business PAN card, identity proof, photographs, address proof of promoter, business registration document, business location proof & bank account proof.

How long does it take?

It usually takes three days from the date of application to obtain GST registration. However, any discrepancy in documents can prolong the process. So make sure you submit every document correctly.

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Q: Can I cancel GST registration without filing returns?

A: Yes, you can do that.

Q: How many types of GST returns are there?

There are 11 types of GST returns currently active under the GST rules. The number and types of GST return that a business/professional must file is based on the type of taxpayer registered. These types include regular taxpayer, composition taxable persons, e-commerce operators, TDS deductor, non-resident taxpayer, Input Service Distributor(ISD), casual taxable persons, etc.

GSTR 1 : The return to be furnished for reporting details of all outward supplies of goods and services made. Any amendments to sales invoices made, even pertaining to previous tax periods, should be reported in the GSTR-1 return by all the suppliers or sellers.

GSTR 2A : View-only dynamic GST return by the recipient or buyer of goods and services. It includes information on all inward supply of goods and services, such as purchases made from GST-registered vendors, throughout a tax period.

GSTR 2B : View-only static GST return important for the recipient or buyer of goods and services.

GSTR 3B : Monthly self-declaration to be filed by all normal taxpayers, for furnishing summarised details of all outward supplies made, input tax credit claimed, tax liability ascertained and taxes paid.

GSTR 2 : Currently a suspended GST return, that applied to registered buyers to report the inward supplies of goods and services, i.e. the purchases made during a tax period.

GSTR 3 : Currently a suspended GST return. It was a monthly summary return for furnishing summarized details of all outward supplies made, inward supplies received and input tax credit claimed, along with details of the tax liability and taxes paid.

GSTR 4 : Quarterly return for compounding vendors (It contains the total value of supply made during the period covered by the return, along with the details of the tax paid at the compounding rate (not more than 1% of aggregate turnover) for the period along with invoice-wise details for inward supplies if they are either imports or purchased from normal taxpayers).

GSTR 5 : GSTR-5 is the return to be filed monthly by non-resident foreign taxpayers, who are registered under GST and carry out business transactions in India.

GSTR 5A : summary return for reporting the outward taxable supplies and tax payable by Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval Services (OIDAR) provider under GST.

GSTR 6 : Monthly return containing details of input tax credit received and distributed by the ISD. It will further contain details of all documents issued for the distribution of input credit and the manner of distribution.

GSTR 7 : Monthly return to be filed by persons required to deduct TDS (Tax deducted at source) under GST.

GSTR 8 : GSTR-8 is a monthly return to be filed by e-commerce operators registered under the GST who are required to collect tax at source (TCS). It contains details of all supplies made through the e-commerce platform, and the TCS collected on the same.

GSTR 9 : Annual return containing the details of all outward supplies made, inward supplies received during the relevant financial year under different tax heads i.e. CGST, SGST & IGST and a summary value of supplies reported under every HSN code, along with details of taxes payable and paid.

GSTR 9A : Currently a suspended annual return earlier required to be filed by composition taxpayers. It had a consolidation of all the quarterly returns filed during that financial year.

GSTR 9C : Reconciliation statement to be filed by all taxpayers registered under GST whose turnover exceeds Rs.2 crore in a financial year, as per the GST law.’

GSTR 10 : To be filed by a taxable person whose registration has been canceled or surrendered. This return is also called a final return and has to be filed within three months from the date of cancellation or cancellation order, whichever is earlier.

GSTR 11 : Return containing details of inward supplies received and refund claimed, to be filed by persons who have been issued a Unique Identity Number (UIN) in order to get a refund under GST for the goods and services purchased by them in India. This return will contain details of TDS deducted, the TDS liability payable and paid and TDS refund claimed if any.

Q: How to file GST returns online step by step?

A: You just need to sign up and we'll take care of it for you.

Q: Can I revise the returns?

A: Revisions to GST returns are not possible. That is why it is recommended that you hire professionals to file your tax returns. Changes can be made to the details provided in the next period's return form amendment section.

Q: What is the QRMP scheme?

A: Registered taxpayers with an aggregate turnover of less than or equal to 5 crores in the previous financial year are eligible for the QRMP scheme. Businesses will be able to file quarterly rather than monthly returns under this plan. Taxes must be paid on a monthly basis.